The story of coffee traces back to the 13th century, after travelling out of Ethiopia, spreading through Egypt & Yemen. It reached the Middle East, Persia & Turkey during the 16th century, arriving in Europe during the early 17th. By 1652, St Michael’s Alley, the first café in London opened it’s doors and brought coffee to England, thanks to a Sicilian immigrant Pasqua Rosee. The British Museum contains a handbill from this coffee house outlining a ‘how to’ for preparation of coffee as well as some of the medicinal properties.

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink takes its name from this handbill.

We are a micro roaster, café, kitchen and retailer based in Carlton, Melbourne. You can visit us hidden down Raffa Place – we find the best places and products are rarely the easiest to find! We have a very simple coffee philosophy: we source the best green coffee we can, we roast to bring out the best in the bean and we serve it with care and respect. If we don’t think a coffee is the best it can be, we won’t serve it.

Just like other crops, coffee is a seasonal product. Our coffee offerings reflect this and so will change throughout the year. If you find your favourite coffee is not available, please chat to us so we can help to lead you towards a great choice. We love it when we can help someone discover a new and exciting coffee; it’s our passion and we like to share this! Whether you are after an interesting single estate coffee or a delicious blend for your daily brew, we will find something to make you smile.

Coffee is our passion in life. We are constantly improving our knowledge and technique in all things coffee so that we may bring a better product to you. We are always happy to share our knowledge as we believe by sharing and helping, we can further the coffee industry as a whole. We find that there is a lot of hype about coffee these days and that sometimes it can be confusing or alienating, especially for those not in the industry. At The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, we endeavor to deliver the tastiest coffees without any pretentiousness, whether you’re new to coffee or a seasoned professional.

So drop in for a visit, whether you’re after some delicious coffee for home, stopping in for a coffee or three, sharing some brunch with friends or need some new equipment, we are here to help you.

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink Team

Vertue Handbill