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    Booking Conditions

     We are open or bookings from Friday 22nd October Onwards!


    According to Victorian Government Regulations, all guests MUST be fully vaccinated to dine in, whether that is inside or outside. Please ensure this is done, and proof is available on the day. 

    Our staff will be enforcing this, but they are only doing their job.

    Let's all treat each other with respect during these tough times.

    We have capacity at our Carlton venue to seat a maximum of 100 people at any one time inside, as well as 40 guests outside. 

      • Please note, according to Victorian Government mandates, ALL guests (over 16yrs) must be fully vaccinated to dine with us, whether that will be inside or outside. This will be checked, and proof must be provided, as we are obligated to do. Any guests who are not fully vaccinated are not allowed to dine in, as per the mandate. If these guests have been booked in, they will be charged for as a no show. To avoid this, please ensure all of your guests (over 16yrs) are fully vaccinated, and can prove this, prior to placing your booking.
      • We are allocating bookings to inside tables, unless you specify otherwise.
      • The dining space is for customers eating meals from the Menu only. You are of course welcome to come grab a coffee, toast, pastry or something else from our cabinet food, but these items will be take away only.
      • All guests are expected to consume a meal from the Menu as a minimum. Sharing is permitted, but not as a substitute for a meal per guest. Babies are exempted from this expectation.
      • Reservations are available for 70mins only from the time of booking. Please understand we cannot extend this time, even in the event of a late arrival.
      • Credit card details will be taken securely online at the time of all bookings. Bookings that are cancelled within 48hours of time of booking, or no shows will be subject to a minimum charge. This minimum charge is set at $25 per head, with Quandoo adding an additional $5 processing fee on top of this. Guests who are not fully vaccinated, but have been booked in will also be charged at this rate.
      • Weekends incur a 10% surcharge, public holidays incur a 20% surcharge.
      • If your preferred date or time, or other condition is not available, please don’t hesitate to email us at carlton@vertuecoffee.com.au. Please keep in mind there are very strict restrictions on numbers currently, so we cannot overbook the venue.
      Thank you for your understanding during these unusual and challenging times, we hope to see you for brunch soon!